It seems like the older I get, the more I know myself and the more I realize I’ll never know all.  I never stop trying to improve myself – but what is it that I’m trying to improve?  I study and implement… and improve and implement… and evolve and implement…

I am definitely different than I was ten, twenty, thirty years ago (thankfully), and I do believe I am better.  I want to continue that trend.  I want to share some of my secrets of success (and failures for y’all to avoid), and I really want to learn ideas from you.

I don’t pretend I’m qualified to instruct anyone in improving themselves or their relationships, but what I can do is show you some of the tools I’ve used and how those tools have been of benefit to me.

By studying several philosophies that categorize personalities and then interrelating these philosophies, people – including myself – are nowhere near as mysterious as they once were.  I no longer suffer from intimidation (mostly) nor do I ever question my worth within the human race.  I know I fit, and I know where and why I fit.

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  1. fabulous stuff!!!!! and here i’ve thought i dont have a personality!!!!!!!
    it should be required in schools to help people in their self awareness.
    if they know what their personalities are then maybe some behaviors could be better (self) controlled

  2. Hello Debi!!! This is your favorite esthetician Carrie Davis!! Couldn’t find you on facebook but I tracked you down on your blog!! Can’t wait to spend some time reading…..cant wait to read “how to ruin a relationship” HAHA!! See you soon!

  3. Glad to meet you, Debi, and expect to be reading some of your philosophies. “How to Ruin a Relationship” is right on although I might use colloquial terms like “fixer-upper” instead of Pygmalion Project.

  4. “I am definitely different than I was 10, 20, 30 years ago (thankfully), and I do believe I am better.”

    I had this exact thought yesterday while sitting on my balcony and watching the sun go down. That’s my favorite way to conclude my day. I was reflecting on the years that have passed, what I’ve learned through success and mistakes, the error rating higher than success. Yet I find my success to be in the observations I make with regard to how I move forward.

    I find a gain in every loss and regardless of any painful experience, there’s always a silver lining. I remember many times, how angry I would become when people would tell me to look for the silver lining. That’s hard to do during the grunt of it all. But looking back, as I tend to do daily, I find those golden nuggets of knowledge that bring some encouragement.

    Each decade has been a major lesson with miniature lessons interwoven in the ‘big lesson’ of each decade. Imagine a quilt as cliche as that might be. Nothing looks as I imagined, yet every piece fits and the ones that don’t get discarded. Some things actually look better than I could have ever imagined. The aspects that don’t, well, I find in retrospect that they aren’t as important as I thought they were.

    The status quo would consider me a failure but I’m fortunate to not use the same scales of judgement when looking at myself in the mirror. I’m a beautiful man covered in scars and I wouldn’t trade one scar for anything in the world.

    I enjoy the depths you go on your journey of understand and wish you the best throughout your quest. May you find that which you seek and may the clarity be abundant. We all want to “fit” into it all and that aspiration can be a lifetime full of challenge.


      1. Randall,

        “A beautiful man covered in scars” – I believe that.

        Sometimes I think scars are what create beauty of character. When I look back, I was pretty damn shallow before all my scars. But why would I have needed to be anything else? And YES, upon retrospection, the quilt is ever growing.

        Thanks for visiting!

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