My Neighborhood



Mud squishes,

Threads curly-Q ribbons ‘tween and above toes.

Feet rejoice in earth,

Assure my psyche of roots in eternal soil.

Ears drink bird-cries of joy.

Eyes chew on nature’s early fall blush below threatening skies.

Distance passes beneath churning legs,

Lungs fueled by moist healing air.

I pull my heel out of an unseen crawdad den

And say a silent apology to its unsuspecting resident.


I head for home,

Back to today.

But better than I was…

Renewed of spirit, energy, creativity.

Gratitude abounds…


In a moment between rains.

– debi




Rain gone

Steam floats, surrounds with dawn,

burns off…


Clear blue frames greens

sharp tipped, round, sap – drip, drip,

greens lime & iridescent,

greens deep, dark, black…


Shadows sharp as a briar’s sting

No haze,

no smudge of summer

too soon here…


Laughter of friends, family

Cocoon of love, harmony

Thank you, Life

My life

Our life


– debi


Lake Water



Dunking and splashing

In water ruby-stained with iron ore.

We were mermaids: at home with  fish and turtle.

Flaxen streaks amidst brunette honed to honey-hues

Cascading on shoulders burnished brown

From the chrome-hot sun.

Running, running, laughing, laughing;

Our heels hitting hard on pebbles, red clay squishing.

Only sand burrs finding hidden tender skin between toes

Or the quick grab of briar on bare arms slow the fun of hide-n-seek.

Steep-sided gullies carved by ravaging tributaries, trees and

Tall native prairie grasses provide haven.  Shh!

Listen for that final count of fifty and

The approach of seeker’s feet.

Bliss is having known

The caress of summer breezes

While being lulled to sleep on beaches

Of the southern rocks or northern pink sands

That form the complicated puzzle-piece border

Of the Red River dammed and brimming –

All under the careful watch of

The man in the moon.

We lived a childhood as sweet

As the perfume of the honeysuckle-laden air

And as gentle as the rich waters

In which we eagerly swam.


Inspired by my sis,

With whom I shared these moments and years.

Another Year


Another Year

The years dash by;

Seasons repeated over and over…

But each defined by its own personality

as unique as yours or mine.

Spring warmth is upon us once again.

Airy bamboo

Cloaks sunny windows;

Bright green

Peeking between twined twigs,

Scene outside seen betwixt.


Birds float

On early blue,

Progression measured

Branch after branch

By the grand oak

Spreading her arms

Above my head.



Shadows crisp, sharp outlines against

Bright sunshine on this last day of winter.

Spring gracing us with an early welcome appearance:

Cottonwood tufts drift willy-nilly

With breezes and gales

Spiced with fragrance of

Earthy pear blossoms,

Fresh mown grass

And water on thirsty black dirt.




Words of hurt

Suspended in the bile of blame.

We have no power

To neutralize the corrosion

Until we relinquish


But how…

Would you be who you think you should be


Rather who you are?

Look inside;

Embrace the vulnerability;

Vanquish numbness

Bolstered by addictions;

Feel it–

The good, the bad.


Then sing it to the world,

And know you are worthy.

– debi

Thank you, Christina


Brene Brown

You Make It Right



Cold days feel warmer.

Rainy days shine a little sunnier.

Do I peer Keenly through rose-colored glasses?

Yes, I do so gladly, for your

heart is so pure,

so radiant

I need a filter!

No problem I encounter is

too small that you do not Share concern.

My children you regard with the

same care you shower

on your loves.

How could I have spent years

convinced I was wHole when I was mere half?

You bring to my life riches I never knew

could be given and given

with such generosity;

Generosity of


of spirit,

of soul,

of love.

– debi

For you, KSH

Always, Never



Let him go,

Always let him go.

Suffer edict; irresistible you will be.

You love him more,

More than you believe he will ever.

Days and nights pass,

Seasons, years may pass;

the day

Will dawn;

His path determined – unable to let you go.

You will know, you will KNOW –

Do the winds direct?

Are you ready?

If so,

It’s time,

Time to dive into the Abyss,

Both feet, hands,

More so the heart and head.

Never look back, never doubt;

He will KNOW and treasure you the more;

Up or down, bad and good.

The love you give

Will be but a shred,

A mere star in the galaxy of his ardor.

Never look back, never doubt.



Silently taught by you, Mom and Dad;

Lived by me,

Passed down to Russell and Rachel


– debi