You Make It Right



Cold days feel warmer.

Rainy days shine a little sunnier.

Do I peer Keenly through rose-colored glasses?

Yes, I do so gladly, for your

heart is so pure,

so radiant

I need a filter!

No problem I encounter is

too small that you do not Share concern.

My children you regard with the

same care you shower

on your loves.

How could I have spent years

convinced I was wHole when I was mere half?

You bring to my life riches I never knew

could be given and given

with such generosity;

Generosity of


of spirit,

of soul,

of love.

– debi

For you, KSH

16 thoughts on “You Make It Right

    1. Thank you, Mysti.
      It’s been great so far – dance lessons last night and wine tasting with four-course fancy dinner tonight.
      Y’all have a loving weekend, too!

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