Teton Reckoning FINALIST at Ojai Film Festival


Ojai, California is a fun venue. What an honor to be a finalist at the seventeenth annual Ojai Film Festival!


Novotny and a team of readers selected five finalists:

The Lean by Pearse Lehane, Memeloose by Elizabeth Winters, Kaffarah (Atonement) by Tom Rossi, Teton Reckoning by Debi Yazbeck, and Black Swan Records by Nia Ashley.

The biggest honor by far was billing on the same page as Lifetime Achievement Award winners Dean Cundey and Tab Hunter.


Thank you, Ojai Film Festival!

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I can’t stop myself. I can’t control it. Will power evaporates…

Wait for it…

Jigsaw puzzles. I’m addicted to jigsaw puzzles. Hopelessly.

I just finished this thousand piece puzzle yesterday morning before work (yeah, tell me about it). One of the more difficult puzzles I’ve worked on, so it was especially satisfying.


I showed Ken the finished product when he got home from work yesterday (our third wedding anniversary) and he asked me what I’d be working on next. Then he said, “I have a couple gifts for you.”

One of my favorite movies ever is — Woman in Gold . puzzle2

And look at my gift! Woohoo!

Today — the first day of our fourth year of wedding bliss, I am indulging in this box of shameless addiction!

(As I sip my gin on the rocks.)


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RIP Dixie Yazbeck

October 26, 2001 – May 14, 2016.


Dixie has been my constant roommate, travel companion and comforter for almost fifteen years.

Little pieces of life leave. Fissures in the dam. And I cry endlessly with each. Those fissures repair themselves eventually or that dam would break and I’d flood all life downstream.


I imagine Towanda Yazcat and Fefe will terrorize me for a few days as they adjust to not having Dixie to pick on (don’t get me wrong – she loved the attention). And I’m a big sloppy mess.

I love you, Dixie. Forever.

  • debi




Rain gone

Steam floats, surrounds with dawn,

burns off…


Clear blue frames greens

sharp tipped, round, sap – drip, drip,

greens lime & iridescent,

greens deep, dark, black…


Shadows sharp as a briar’s sting

No haze,

no smudge of summer

too soon here…


Laughter of friends, family

Cocoon of love, harmony

Thank you, Life

My life

Our life


– debi