My Neighborhood

Well, true to my ISFP nature, the neighborhood kids come by and want to help me with anything I happen to be doing at the moment.  If there are any roaming animals out and about, they manage to join the fun, too.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to share with these developing minds some of my love of aesthetic beauty and my enjoyment of its cultivation.

Earlier this spring, I was planting several flats of vibrant color in my front beds, when my sweet little friend, Alissa – 5, offered her excellent help.  She came prepared with her own digging tool.  I convinced her of the delicacy of the young flowers, showed her how deep she must dig and how to scoop dirt in without hurting our new residents.  Then I told her to start close to the middle of the bed and work outward; placement of each plant was her choice.

Soon, her brother Dawson – 8, joined us.  I went through the same process with him.  Their friend, Caleb, came by later and helped with watering.  The beds are beautiful.

The kids play in my front yard or pass through often.  They chase butterflies, play ball in the sideyard, ride their bikes in the drive, help me water and weed the beds.

They are ever mindful of the delicate flowers and their right to be safe in their beds.

7 thoughts on “My Neighborhood

  1. love the post love the pics
    isn’t it amazing how much peace you can find in small places and with small friends

  2. I love this, Mom. It makes me so nostalgic. I remember when it was us playing ball in the street.. And you teaching me how to plant flowers..

  3. How wonderful to have the opportunity to interact and play with little ones! How they love to be involved with plants at that age. Beautiful pictures. Enjoy!

  4. Become part of the creative process and you will treasure the results – a wonderful way of teaching children mindfulness. Teaching anyone, for that matter… Thanks, Debi!

  5. Debi,
    INEFFABLE is the only word that I can conjure up. I had no idea that we were such kindred souls. I am speechless. As Turkey Creek Jack Johnson said to Wyatt Earp on the movie “Tombstone,” I ain’t got the words. I am looking so forward to getting to know you better. I know not much about Meyers-Briggs, just that I am an ENFJ. My mate Gaye is an ISFP like you. Did you know that I am going to college to become a Doctor of Psychology?

    1. Gig,

      I have goosebumps!

      I have many good ENFJ friends; there is a unique bond between ENFJs and ISFPs that I haven’t found a explanation for… YET! (Future post, no doubt.)

      My fiance, Ken, is an ENTP, and yes, he’s a lawyer (all the best ones are).

      I’m terribly impressed – Doctor of Psychology. I’m in school, also; always have been. I write. (No, kidding.) Fiction of any kind. Screenplays are my latest endeavor.

      We need to stay in touch.


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