Words of hurt

Suspended in the bile of blame.

We have no power

To neutralize the corrosion

Until we relinquish


But how…

Would you be who you think you should be


Rather who you are?

Look inside;

Embrace the vulnerability;

Vanquish numbness

Bolstered by addictions;

Feel it–

The good, the bad.


Then sing it to the world,

And know you are worthy.

– debi

Thank you, Christina


Brene Brown

38 thoughts on “Worthy

    1. Thank you, Carl.
      I’m so humbled by the deep truths that people are willing to express. Brene allowed herself to experience vulnerability when every grain of her being fought against it — and for six years! What a lesson learned.

  1. Thanks, Debi. This is great; Brene Brown, condensed.

    Finding who we are – it’s what our journey is about, at least for me. It took me 45 years and a crisis to realize it, to start giving up the labels, the boxes which I and others had assigned to myself.

    p.s. I’m being picky here but… Did you try the poem without the capitalizations and the ?!?, maybe with a period instead?

  2. I love Brene Brown’s work on vulnerability. You encapsulate it beautifully here.
    Vulnerability is not our weakness. It is our strength.
    Thank you, Debi.

  3. I went to a seminar today, this is exactly what I learned today, to stop the blaming game, do the common good and think deep. Thanks for the inspirations Debi. πŸ™‚

    1. Ashley,
      Thank you for visiting. How much happier would the individuals in this world be? We do ourselves a disservice by desiring so strongly to control.

  4. I’m quite sure I’ve been this person in the poem, most of us probably have…. to realize our frailty and vulnerability, our powerlessness… That’s where the power truly lies.

  5. Fantastic write – crisp in honesty about what most wish not to see or know when it has to be done

  6. Thank you for your visit.
    This is a great piece of truth.
    It is difficult to find our real selves. So affected by upbringing and outside influences we sometimes forget to look within and find ourselves.
    I don’t know Brene’s work, but will google it and see πŸ˜‰

    1. It starts with desire to be better.
      Brene Brown is an amazing lady, who has done some amazing research.
      You can link on her name at the end of the poem or in the right hand column.

  7. What do you do about what you find? I believe that is necessary to have a good idea about who we truly are, but if I’m honest, what I find is not something that I announce to the world with pride, for some of the deepest realities of me are humbling instead. On the surface I believe that I am great, but when I see the raw reality, this is not just in question, but inconceivable.

    If I had no measure of greatness but myself, I could be satisfied that the real me is worthy of this word “worthy”. But, I believe Someone who is greater than me is perfect and is inclined to cover me and change me into something that is beautiful like Him — bit by bit.

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