Lake Water



Dunking and splashing

In water ruby-stained with iron ore.

We were mermaids: at home with  fish and turtle.

Flaxen streaks amidst brunette honed to honey-hues

Cascading on shoulders burnished brown

From the chrome-hot sun.

Running, running, laughing, laughing;

Our heels hitting hard on pebbles, red clay squishing.

Only sand burrs finding hidden tender skin between toes

Or the quick grab of briar on bare arms slow the fun of hide-n-seek.

Steep-sided gullies carved by ravaging tributaries, trees and

Tall native prairie grasses provide haven.  Shh!

Listen for that final count of fifty and

The approach of seeker’s feet.

Bliss is having known

The caress of summer breezes

While being lulled to sleep on beaches

Of the southern rocks or northern pink sands

That form the complicated puzzle-piece border

Of the Red River dammed and brimming –

All under the careful watch of

The man in the moon.

We lived a childhood as sweet

As the perfume of the honeysuckle-laden air

And as gentle as the rich waters

In which we eagerly swam.


Inspired by my sis,

With whom I shared these moments and years.

11 thoughts on “Lake Water

  1. Oh, the beautiful images and graceful flow of this poem sure take me back to blissful childhood summers. A real treat — so glad you posted this!

  2. A lovely piece and tribute to sisters. It struck a particular chord as my rally piece this week also focuses on young sisters. Thanks for sharing!

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