My Neighborhood (Part 5)

My sweet sis sent me a challenge this morning, one I grabbed at immediately; we will be encouraging each other to become healthier.

A little more exercise (hopefully a lot over time), a little less food yet more wholesome (but I will not give up my beer and wine), more quality sleep and, best of all, more time with Kathy.  I know it will mostly be on-line time, but better that than the stretches of silence we so often endure.  Why do we do that to ourselves?

I was too excited to wait a moment and sent Kathy an invite to become buddies on our fitbit accounts.

(Oh my, all her misguided lofty opinions of her older sister are soon to be shattered as if dashed on the rocks of the Lewisville dam during a first-of-winter Blue Norther’… but I bet she still loves me even after reading my sordid journal entries.)

Even though she hadn’t had a chance to respond to my buddy-invite, I felt the need to rise to the occasion immediately, especially after a long, fattening, nose-in-my-computer winter.

Night before last, Mother Nature gifted us with a hard two-inch rain and then last night a late spring coldfront spread over us laying a light frost on the grass.

The sun this morning appeared brighter than normal in scrubbed-clean air when I struck out in my Vibram FiveFingers.

As always, it took only a few minutes, and all my cares and woes no longer existed.


I was high on the familiar sights of my neighborhood –

the modest, simple, safe and clean world I live in.

I said hello to an old friend.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I have a new friend to wave at soon –

a wobbly, miniature friend.

The rest of my day unfolded fresher, crisper.

My mind, always a-whirl perked  up,

happy and energetic,

eager to soak up new ideas.

Arriving back home after my renewal, I was captivated with the brilliance of the Japanese Red Maple glowing bold crimson and the Variegated Vinca just starting it’s early summer showcase of periwinkle.

Hey, my loving Sis, there’s no one I’d rather do this with!

– debi

3 thoughts on “My Neighborhood (Part 5)

  1. Oh I so enjoyed this .. and envy you, but I am so very happy you have such a place, and that you share it. Would that I had such a place to escape from my world, if only for a brief moment.

    I am happy you and your sis is becoming better friends. I don’t see or speak to mines, and I so want to, but hey live in a different place than me, and I don’t judge them, but I ache to be near them. Too bad there are so many walls up, I can’t seem to tear them down.

    I enjoyed the read. Made me feel better.

    1. Amias,

      Thank you, I wish you could escape with us.
      And more than that, I wish the walls would come down.
      Life is too precious for walls… we just need doors that can be opened easily at the proper time.

  2. Debi,

    Thanks for reminding me that life is out there rather than within or behind walls… There’s always a door – to friends, family, nature, life…

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