My Neighborhood



Mud squishes,

Threads curly-Q ribbons ‘tween and above toes.

Feet rejoice in earth,

Assure my psyche of roots in eternal soil.

Ears drink bird-cries of joy.

Eyes chew on nature’s early fall blush below threatening skies.

Distance passes beneath churning legs,

Lungs fueled by moist healing air.

I pull my heel out of an unseen crawdad den

And say a silent apology to its unsuspecting resident.


I head for home,

Back to today.

But better than I was…

Renewed of spirit, energy, creativity.

Gratitude abounds…


In a moment between rains.

– debi

6 thoughts on “My Neighborhood

  1. of course, given my proclivity for stupid comments, i wanted to say, “you are a poet and your feet show it, they are ‘longfellows'”
    but the stupid comment degrades from the beauty of this poem
    it is OUTSTANDING really good!!!
    i loved it
    and i love you

  2. This is a very nice picture you paint. The lines that resonated most with me were: “Reluctantly, I head home, back to today”. This made me feel the freedom, the peace you must have felt during your run. It was soothing to me, to put myself in that place. Thank you!

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