Nine members of my family and almost four-hundred other persons. BA flight 2069, December 28, 2000.

It’s not something I think of often, but my daughter, Rachel, recently posted on Facebook a dramatic re-enactment of the hi-jacking causing a flood of memories. It made me wonder how others on the flight were affected by the experience.

Here’s one article with comments from fellow passengers:

BA 2069

My thoughts?

I distinctly remember my heart pounding so loud and slow that other sounds were drowned out. I’d never felt as calm as I felt in those moments – and I’ve never felt that since. I knew we all were on the verge of death, and I was thankful all nine of our family were together so none of us had to face the pain of life without the others. I accepted my fate as easily as I would accept a hug from a loved one.

Does that sound callous? My husband of twenty-two years, the father of my children, had died suddenly in an electrical accident six months previously. Russell, Rachel and I were still reeling from the loss. For me, the contemplation of imminent, sudden death was not at all frightening.

If you were on the flight, what are your memories?

If you weren’t on the flight but have had a similar experience, please share.

– debi

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  1. Hi Debi,

    I don’t know how to get on your site, but I’ll answer to you.

    We had been to Kenya two years previously with friends. We so enjoyed our time there that two years later we decided to take the entire family. We decided to go even though Gary couldn’t be with us. It was hard, but hoped the distraction of the trip would help Debi and her family. We were able to get seats on the plane close together. Debi and her family were right in front of us, Kathy and Scott were across the aisle and their children were seated next to us. When the hijacking started I prayed what I always pray when we fly, “Please, God, fly with us”. When that didn’t work, I prayed the Lord’s Prayer. When I came to “Thy will be done”, a sudden peace came over me and I knew that whatever happened, it would be okay.

    I cry whenever I think of this.

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