Words of hurt

Suspended in the bile of blame.

We have no power

To neutralize the corrosion

Until we relinquish


But how…

Would you be who you think you should be


Rather who you are?

Look inside;

Embrace the vulnerability;

Vanquish numbness

Bolstered by addictions;

Feel it–

The good, the bad.


Then sing it to the world,

And know you are worthy.

– debi

Thank you, Christina


Brene Brown

You Make It Right



Cold days feel warmer.

Rainy days shine a little sunnier.

Do I peer Keenly through rose-colored glasses?

Yes, I do so gladly, for your

heart is so pure,

so radiant

I need a filter!

No problem I encounter is

too small that you do not Share concern.

My children you regard with the

same care you shower

on your loves.

How could I have spent years

convinced I was wHole when I was mere half?

You bring to my life riches I never knew

could be given and given

with such generosity;

Generosity of


of spirit,

of soul,

of love.

– debi

For you, KSH

Always, Never



Let him go,

Always let him go.

Suffer edict; irresistible you will be.

You love him more,

More than you believe he will ever.

Days and nights pass,

Seasons, years may pass;

the day

Will dawn;

His path determined – unable to let you go.

You will know, you will KNOW –

Do the winds direct?

Are you ready?

If so,

It’s time,

Time to dive into the Abyss,

Both feet, hands,

More so the heart and head.

Never look back, never doubt;

He will KNOW and treasure you the more;

Up or down, bad and good.

The love you give

Will be but a shred,

A mere star in the galaxy of his ardor.

Never look back, never doubt.



Silently taught by you, Mom and Dad;

Lived by me,

Passed down to Russell and Rachel


– debi



It’s not about eyes kohled and mascaraed;

It’s about eyes on fire with fun and laughter,

Sparks flying.

It’s not about dimples,

But smiles so deep as to create the illusion of.

Smiles of love

And kinship born of years;

Early life years enveloped in tender teasing,

Profound caring hidden in gruff phrases,

Tosses in the air

Rewarded by peels of irresistible giggles.

Now, the young girl is woman, miraculously


Beauty manifest in kindness, alertness,

Deep thoughtfulness.

Your father no longer afoot, but winged,

You willingly shoulder a bit of what rough old friends miss –

Quick wit, endorphin-inspiring stings soaked in affection –

You continue a corner of his Legend.

Our eyes cannot leave you;

We steal long, lingering gazes when you’re tuned to another.

We are all drawn to you;

Irresistibly fascinated,

Longing to stay in the warmth,

The vibrancy that is you.


Inspired by Rach,

Claud Wayne and Larry


December 17, 2010



Dining Through the Senses of an ISFP

I run across the parking lot, rain bouncing off my umbrella and dash under the porte-cochere, legs drenched from the knees down. A man exits the restaurant and holds the door; his wife and I exchange places and smiles. My umbrella merges with others in a growing flower arrangement of nylon and metal on the floor. Continue reading