Dining Through the Senses of an ISFP

I run across the parking lot, rain bouncing off my umbrella and dash under the porte-cochere, legs drenched from the knees down. A man exits the restaurant and holds the door; his wife and I exchange places and smiles. My umbrella merges with others in a growing flower arrangement of nylon and metal on the floor.

Standing in the warm vestibule, I take a deep breath. My eyes close as I raise my chin; consume the aroma wafting from the kitchen, a heady bouquet of herbs and spices.  My mouth waters with the prospect of veal delicately sautéed in butter, wine and rosemary accompanied by a glass of Chianti.

Frank Sinatra croons “The Way You Look Tonight”: Lovely … never, ever change.  Keep that breathless charm; makes me believe every word, feel aglow. Hand-painted murals grace the walls of the dimly lit dining room; beckon me to tour the Castel del Monte, Venice and the Piazza della Rotonda. A massive blaze licks the frame of a fireplace. I follow the hostess to my table, anticipation of sensual indulgence building; eager for seduction by every savory morsel.

– debi


The above piece inspired this poem:


Rain drenches,

Splashes with each stride; chills.

Shelter under the porte-cochere;

Entrance to the renowned hideaway, ahh… warmth.

Smells surround, envelope, seduce;

Promises of savory morsels

Awakening eager taste buds.

Tender veal, rosemary-adorned,

Rich, warm wine, ruby clinging to crystal.

Music caresses, speaks of love;

Frank Sinatra woos, croons, lays kisses on bare shoulders.

Colorful murals, Italian villas,

Sun drenched sea views beckon,

Tease of far-away romantic travel, amorous trysts.

Flames lick and crackle, thaw.

Foreplay building, preparing for

A culmination of sensual dining.

– debi

22 thoughts on “Dining Through the Senses of an ISFP

      1. I’m holding off for the summer because I found it was hard to keep up with my submissions once it got here. (This was mostly because we took a 2-week vacation and was often without internet access, but also because my daughter is home and each weekend seems full of outings, adventures and/or visitors.) And I joined an informal online writing group with 3 of my classmates from this last class. Submitting and critiquing for that will keep me busy at least for summer. But I’m thinking about fall..


  1. Didn’t catch this post earlier… Beautiful writing, in prose and poem! Who are your soul mates as writers?

    1. Well…. I replied to you on the wrong post!!!!! Duh, where is my head? I’m moving it over here to where it belongs:


      There are so many writers that I admire. I’m reading Tana French’s “The Likeness” right now. It’s only her second book, but in my opinion, she is one of the best writers out there.

      I love the writing of Anton Chekhov and Gustave Flaubert and David Payne. This book by David Payne,
      has remained one of my favorites since I read it in 1993.

      These words define what I love in writing:
      “Imbued with Payne’s trademark lyrical prose and psychological acuity, this is a novel ‘full of life, full of wisdom, full of words that singe, sing and somehow console’ (The Boston Globe).”

      When I read any work of this caliber, I’m swept out of this world. I exist in the creation unfolding on the page in front of me. I’ve been addicted to reading since I could pick the word “cat” off the page… and now I’m addicted to writing!


  2. timeless imagery captured in your work..

    love the rain, music, and everything mixed images.
    Thanks for the contribution.
    Happy Rally.

    best wishes for 2011.

    1. Being an ISFP is great! I study all the other personalities, and can understand their perspectives, but cannot SEE them with as clear a vision.
      Each type has incredible strengths.

    1. “Steamy” – I like that! Sometimes my steam seeps out, sometimes it screams. At my current point in life, I can actually put it to creative use. Usually!

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