Goodbye, 2016.

And good riddance. It seems everyone I talk to is glad to see it go, including me.

I believe 2017 will be a better year. Isn’t that so human? Hope abounds.

So… in looking forward to a new and better year and bidding adieu to this very long past year —


My feature thriller BLIND PURSUIT placed as a FINALIST in the 10th Annual StoryPros International Screenwriting Contest!

Happy New Year!

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Teton Reckoning FINALIST at Ojai Film Festival


Ojai, California is a fun venue. What an honor to be a finalist at the seventeenth annual Ojai Film Festival!


Novotny and a team of readers selected five finalists:

The Lean by Pearse Lehane, Memeloose by Elizabeth Winters, Kaffarah (Atonement) by Tom Rossi, Teton Reckoning by Debi Yazbeck, and Black Swan Records by Nia Ashley.

The biggest honor by far was billing on the same page as Lifetime Achievement Award winners Dean Cundey and Tab Hunter.


Thank you, Ojai Film Festival!

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Teton Reckoning RUNNER UP Spring/Summer 2016 Acclaim Screenplay Winners

Grand Tetons

I’ll catch my breath soon.

My western TETON RECKONING! Some day I’ll get to see Madeleine fly across the screen on her palomino Annaduff doing what she does best — defying abusive authorities!

Thank you, Acclaim Scripts! (Click here to see which production companies and agencies will be considering my script!)

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Photos from the California Women’s Film Festival

Such a fun evening.Debi CWFF2

And a great honor to receive Best Feature Screenplay at the 2016 California Women’s Film Festival.

None of this would have happened without Max Adams and the Academy of Film Writing. Max rocks as a teacher and a mentor!

And I had my own fan club there!

Ken Harter, my always supportive husband, Aaron Harter – his son and Catie Blalock – Aaron’s girlfriend. And fellow screenwriter, Mike Cregan.

Debi CWFF– debi