My Neighborhood (Part 3)

I’ve misplaced my Research Hat!  All I want to do is ride my bike, play in my yard with all the greenery and drink beer by whatever pool is offered; any activity that is outdoors trumps all others.  I’ve given in to my hedonistic love of summer.  Continue reading

My Neighborhood (Part 2)

We all help each other.  It’s a great network; no one mandates it; no one collects dues.  We do it because we care about each other, and we know and trust each other; know we can count on each other in times of need (and especially in fun times).

One morning, Loud Debbie (I’m Quiet Debi) mowed five yards ’cause she was pissed at someone or something – none of us remember why now.  Oh yeah, and she had a cast on a broken foot – she’d fallen off a curb trying to rescue a crippled bird.  (She didn’t mow my yard since I had mowed it the evening before – darnit). Continue reading