Jazlyn’s Sight and Stage 32 Look Book


Congratulations on Your Inclusion in the November 2022 Lookbook!

From my reader:

“This was an entertaining and tightly-structured pilot episode that immediately hooks you on its premise, endears you to the ensemble dynamics, and leaves you intrigued to see how things are going to unfold moving forward. It’s a familiar concept that’s executed to a high standard in terms of dramatic progression, plot dynamics and character appeal. It builds and relieves tension across a measured series of peaks and troughs that maintain a balanced pace and tone. Really just well crafted.

There’s a lot of potential to develop this project into either a limited series with character-driven, overarching story arcs, or a simple procedural, “mystery/villain of the week” show with static ensemble dynamics.

Where the project really shines is in its absorbing setting. The world of New Orleans is depicted with a specificity and interconnectivity that makes the city feel alive on the page. The wide scope of locations that branch off from the main hub of Jazlyn’s office kept things engaging.

There’s plenty of effective call backs, gleaming details and dynamic subplots that make this a page turner. Most importantly, the script endears us to the protagonist and achieves a sense of hope and fear for her journey.”

~ debi