It’s not about eyes kohled and mascaraed;

It’s about eyes on fire with fun and laughter,

Sparks flying.

It’s not about dimples,

But smiles so deep as to create the illusion of.

Smiles of love

And kinship born of years;

Early life years enveloped in tender teasing,

Profound caring hidden in gruff phrases,

Tosses in the air

Rewarded by peels of irresistible giggles.

Now, the young girl is woman, miraculously


Beauty manifest in kindness, alertness,

Deep thoughtfulness.

Your father no longer afoot, but winged,

You willingly shoulder a bit of what rough old friends miss –

Quick wit, endorphin-inspiring stings soaked in affection –

You continue a corner of his Legend.

Our eyes cannot leave you;

We steal long, lingering gazes when you’re tuned to another.

We are all drawn to you;

Irresistibly fascinated,

Longing to stay in the warmth,

The vibrancy that is you.


Inspired by Rach,

Claud Wayne and Larry


December 17, 2010