Teton Reckoning WINS!

I know some of these revelations will be after the fact. But it MUST be done.

This was my first outright screenwriting win — not quarter-finalist, not semi-finalist, not finalist. Yep a WIN for debi!

Click here for the live reading of the first ten pages of Teton Reckoning and to see my interview with WILDsound.Teton

(It’s also on the AWARDS  page of my website if you want to see the complete list of recognitions.


– debi

6 thoughts on “Teton Reckoning WINS!

  1. That is sooo great! I am proud our daughter can write so well when I can hardly sign my name. Love ya, Dad​

  2. mr ulm, i’m anne herbert, used to live next door to y’all. i’m so proud too, and hello to you.

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