Always, Never



Let him go,

Always let him go.

Suffer edict; irresistible you will be.

You love him more,

More than you believe he will ever.

Days and nights pass,

Seasons, years may pass;

the day

Will dawn;

His path determined – unable to let you go.

You will know, you will KNOW –

Do the winds direct?

Are you ready?

If so,

It’s time,

Time to dive into the Abyss,

Both feet, hands,

More so the heart and head.

Never look back, never doubt;

He will KNOW and treasure you the more;

Up or down, bad and good.

The love you give

Will be but a shred,

A mere star in the galaxy of his ardor.

Never look back, never doubt.



Silently taught by you, Mom and Dad;

Lived by me,

Passed down to Russell and Rachel


– debi

Quiet Lost: Chapter 5

Quiet Lost is a story of betrayal, murder, love and lost love.  It will require several chapters to tell Neil’s story.

Quiet Lost

Chapter 5

Friday night, September 11

“Gin!” Neil laid down his runs and sets.

Cassie threw her cards on the sofa table between them, “That’s not fair!  You always win, Daddy.”

“Not true.  You won a game last week.  Besides, what does fair have to do with anything?”  His eyes twinkled as he suppressed a mischievous grin.  He wanted to reach out and muss her hair, but restrained himself – that would lead to an all-out war. Continue reading